Join the journey with Garth’s ALS

One of the strengths of Whitestone is the network God has blessed us with. Leader Impact and Nextlevel Ministries men’s groups, Souly Business, One Way Ministries, Band of Brothers, Prison Fellowship Canada, local churches, business owners, and many more are valued supporters and partners in this ministry.   

This network is a gift from God and like any gift, we must use it wisely, solely for His glory, and the building of His kingdom. When Whitestone began, one of our commitments was to not only help our participants, but also to be led by the Spirit to bless, encourage, and strengthen our partners whenever God gave us the opportunity to do so. This issue of our blog is all about that.   

Garth Steele is a brother in Christ whom we met through Souly Business. He is a genuine follower of Christ, a devoted husband and father, and many of you know him as Partner of Welch LLP. In June of this year, Garth found out he has Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a rare neurological disease that primarily affects the nerve cells (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscle movement (those muscles we choose to move), muscles that produce movements like chewing, gripping, walking, talking, and even breathing. In the natural, the lifespan of someone with ALS is usually between 3-5 years – but in the supernatural with Christ, we believe there can be complete healing for Garth and for the glory of The Lord’s great name.   

As good stewards of God’s provided network, Whitestone is calling on all our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for Garth and his family (wife Cathy, daughter Hannah and son Deagan). We are asking God to help us inspire 1,000 people in our network to commit to intercessory prayer and belief for complete healing.   

Please join us by clicking  HERE  to register for the Garth Steele prayer team.

In Mark 9:23 Jesus tells us “All things are possible to those who believe”. We believe we are entering a season of miracles in Canada, and it is starting within the body of Christ. We are believing in Garth’s healing and for many around him to come to Christ because of this miracle. Please join us by faith.   

You can follow Garth’s journey through his blog at

Here is a list of prayers for Garth:  

  1. For physical healing  
  1. For Garth’s family  
  1. Garth would experience God’s presence  
  1. Peace and contentment  
  1. Understanding God’s will through all this  

Wayne Mosley 

Director, Whitestone