Our secret sauce

Whitestone serves men and women leaving prison and those graduating from addiction recovery homes. We help our program participants find mentors, new communities, new friends, and prayer partners. We also leverage our marketplace connections to help find meaningful employment for those we serve. 

Many people ask us our secret for finding career positions for our program participants.  

Our answer? Marketplace ministries, that are alive and well in Ottawa — provide the connections that help Whitestone serve our participants! 

In Ottawa, One Way Ministries has been a guiding light for our city. People like Mark Peterkins, Richard Long, Gerry Organ and Doug Sprunt have been amazing leaders. 

Leader Impact a Ministry under the umbrella of Power to Change run by Kari Yli-Renko provides overall leadership to 26 men’s groups in the Ottawa area.  

Nextlevel Ministries run by Lyle Johnson oversees more than 50 men’s groups that meet weekly.  

Souly Business Canada run by Stephen Rolston organizes two men’s retreats at Camp IAWAH each year. More than 160 men attend each of these retreats.  

Band of Brothers run by Jim Beaulne organizes weekends retreats throughout the year for men.  

Trish Beaulne provides leadership to Hearts of Beauty which is the ladies equivalent of Band of Brothers. 

In addition, there are many other men’s and women’s groups operated out of churches and other ministries in our great city.  

Because of groups like these, Whitestone has hundreds of connections with Christian men and women who are business owners or working in the marketplace. People who own businesses or are in positions of leadership are open to partnering with Whitestone. 

Now you have it: That’s our secret sauce!